Monday, March 25, 2013


If you like blather, twaddle and poppycock,  Danielle Trussoni's ANGELOPOLIS is the book for you. Apparently, this indigestible hodgepodge of fantasy and Russian history, Faberge eggs and kasha, deals with the machinations of angelic creatures who are not at all the benign,  fluffy feathered beings most of us believe them to be. I say apparently because I gave up trying to distinguish Mara from Nephilim early in the game. Life is short and there is an abundance of good books out there--way to many for anyone with common sense to waste her time trying to figure out who are Emins and Grigoris and what exactly do they do.
How in the world the first book of this series garnished praise from reputable periodicals is beyond me though anything that is...."best described as THE DA VINCI CODE meets RAIDERS OF THE LOST ARK..." gives me the willies. For the record, I did not nor do I ever intend to read THE DA VINCI CODE.As for ANGELOPOLIS, if you have low standards and money to throw away, go ahead, shell  out $27.95 for the hardcover. PEOPLE  says of  its predecessor, ANGELOLOGY,  "You'll be thinking, 'Vampires? Who cares about vampires?" I doubt that you do. If you you were a fan of vampire fiction you would not be reading this blog.Enough said.

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