Sunday, October 13, 2013


For the past six months  I have had a backlog of books to review. Two major life events--my father illness and death, in summer and my only daughter's wedding, last week--took priority. Although my family takes precedence, I feel that that I was remiss in not finding the time to be among the  first to praise books such as Louise Penny's thrilling new novel,   HOW THE THE LIGHT GETS IN and Sujata Massey's superb THE SLEEPING DICTIONARY. Penny's is  a gem of a story that showcases the author's undeniable talent for plot and dialogues.
Three Pines, the cozy universe where  we loyal followers of the Inspector Gamache  would love to live, continues to be as magnetically attractive as ever.All the beloved characters  we have come to love--Myrna, the bookshop owner,  mad poet Ruth, painter Clara  are as endearingly quirky as ever. The landmark bistro is just as cozy, but Inspector Gamache is tired and his struggle with political corruption and the shortcoming of a beloved friend stretch him to breaking point. Throughout, Three Pines residents aid and comfort him as he sorts out friend and foe. Help arrives from unexpected quarters and the end of the novel comes as the kind of surprise only the best mystery writers can devise. Penny is master, no question about it.  It is good to know that just as his previous novels, this one  is a bestseller continues. What is equally exciting is that  the Gamache series will be made into a movie starring the deliciously  handsome  Nathaniel Parker, known to American audiences as the BBC's  Inspector Linley. The news that the London perfumery Floris has developed a new scent that will allow devoted fans to smell just like Inspector Gamache is a bonus.
So, am I saying so long? Not just yet.

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