Wednesday, November 6, 2013


KIND, Gretchen Primack's poems  delight admirers of crystalline language and call attention to animal rights in a sweet, sensitive, non-preachy way. I recommend it as a gift that will inspire  readers to renew  their connection with all living things.

HOW THE LIGHT GETS IN, Canadian Louise Penny's  latest mystery novel in the Inspector Gamache series, will please the most fastidious reader. Those who follow Gamache's ups and downs at the Surete' du Quebec will be happy to know that the inspector is back at Three Pines leaning on the love of mad poets and bistro owners and book sellers who inhabit the charming village without ever forgetting that his real aim is to catch bad guys.   Click here for a mini review of the well-plotted, beautifully written book.

IDENTICAL, by Scott Turow. Readers familiar with Turow's brilliant writing will enjoy this Kindle County version of the Castor and Pollux myth.

THE SLEEPING DICTIONARY, by Sujata Massey enlarges the reader's knowledge of life in India under the Raj. Lovingly written, entertaining and informative, this is a book I recommend without reservations.

SAVED BY CAKE, by Marion Keyes will delight experienced and novice bakers alike. Chocful of yummy cake, pie and cupcake recipes, brimming with good humour, this book is a treat you might want to buy in multiples so that you can keep a copy for yourself.

THE SERPENT AND THE PEARL, by Kate Quinn is the perfect gift for readers who like history, romance and good writing. Main characters are Giulia Farnese and her lover, Rodrigo Borgia, who later became Pope Alexandre VI.
THE BAKLAVA CLUB, by Jason Goodwin,  comes out in June 2014. Pre-order from Amazon. You can't go wrong with Goodwin's Yashim series.

STRANGLED IN PARIS  and IN THE SHADOWS OF PARIS,  by Claude Izner,  will please lovers of Paris, mystery and history alike. A good mix, a super read.

TUESDAY IS GONE, by Nicci French is among the best mystery novels i read this year.

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